Friday, 10 April 2020


Before I start, hope everyone is staying safe through this COVID19 virus pandemic! Stay home, stay safe. Today's post will be about me unboxing these two beauties and I actually did it on video as well, where I will share the video at the end of this post if you are interested in watching it!

So, I actually had my eye on these two for quite a while now. One was purchased online through Farfetch and the other in-store at Chanel, as I believe that footwear should actually be confirmed in terms of your foot size (but honestly sometimes I would buy footwear online too but I try not to).

So the first item I got was the Saint Laurent Monogram Clutch (HK$3,650). I have been searching for a light coloured clutch for a while now for events such as weddings, dinner parties, formal evening events etc. I had a black clutch from Saint Laurent too but my goal was to get another clutch, and, hopefully, a wallet on a chain - but I just thought the price is too high for something with a chain.

Safe to say, this clutch is something I quite like as the leather is pebbled - I love Saint Laurent's pebbled leather as their quality is amazing! The colour is a soft grey-ish beige, and the YSL logo is brass plated but scratches do not appear very visibly.

The only thing I feel that I still need is a chain, as sometimes at events you'll have both hands full so a chain would be preferred, but then again, I suppose I can have my boyfriend hold it for me (lol). 🤷🏻‍♀️

So this is a pair of Chanel Tweed Espadrilles (HK$4,800) in Grey, but I couldn't find it online so I linked something similar. I believe that if you have a SA you have kept in touch with, then they could help you on any items you are looking for - you can even have them keep you updated on some items that may not have been released yet.

I went in to pick up my cardholder where I sent in to have the CC logo fixed, and where I usually look at items as it is one of the biggest Chanel stores in Hong Kong. I asked my SA if I could try on the original leather espadrilles - she checked and the size I was looking for wasn't available so she took a few different ones out and the moment I tried this pair on, I was hooked.

It's one of the most comfortable espadrilles I've ever tried on. Mind you, I used to have pair of Tory Burch Espadrilles, and they are super uncomfortable! There was no cushion for your feet other than the esparto rope and it dug into the bottom of my feet which was super uncomfortable that I stopped wearing after 2 tries.

But being the good girl that I am, I didn't buy it on the spot. I went home and thought about it and 24 hours later I went back in to purchase it. Luckily, even though my SA wasn't working that day, she kindly had her colleagues who were working to keep it for me - relationships with your SA is very important!

Upon purchasing, the SA told me that it is better not to wear them during rainy or wet days as the soles would be damaged, and because it's tweed so it will get wet and damage the leather lining inside (yes, the inner lining is leather!).

So that is about what I got - hope you guys enjoyed reading! I've also talked about them in a video if you're interested in watching below. :)

Ultimately, please stay safe, stay home and take care everyone.


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