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Hello all! It's been a while since I blogged (and posted on Youtube)... again. Hope you all are doing well and in this post I'm sharing what's in my SLG collection. Problem is, I can't seem to find one last piece of my SLG but I will link to what I've mentioned anyway!

So, as you can see I own quite many cardholders (too many if I say so myself too lol) - I shall start by categorising them as I did in my video.


1. Louis Vuittion Emilie Wallet in Damier Ebene

This was an anniversary gift from my then-boyfriend on celebrating our 2 years. I had my initials hot-stamped which was something I'm very happy with at the time. There are 4 card slots, a huge zipped coin slot, a spacious card space and 2 extra slots. 

I've used it daily until I realised I needed a short wallet; however my love for it hasn't waned. I guess it's because it carries a lot of sentimental value to me... Also, I always use it whenever I travel - I find this easier to use a long wallet to carry any other currencies in other pockets.

2. Dior Lady Dior Lambskin Small Wallet in Red (not available)

I purchased this on a whim as my legs carried me to Dior instead of Gucci in the winter of 2018. This was a tri-fold small wallet with 4 card slots, one cash space and a small coin pouch with a small card space in the back. I was just rushing to have a look and to be honest - I had really high expectations of the customer service at the particular store and the wallet itself. Warning: rant below.

Upon using it I enjoyed it very much - it's a pop of colour I had picked out that isn't too bold, but at the same time there's puffiness on it. After using it for less than 3 months, the puffiness in the middle and back were gone - it went flat. I brought it in to ask if it's normal or fixed, they said: "It's normal - due to the humidity in the city it does happen and we can't fix it." Major turn-off from a brand.

The customer service I received that day was horrible and I felt that it has affected my feeling and enjoyment out of this wallet - it's something I felt on a personal level and I swore to myself I'd never buy from that store again. The sales associate that served me was downright rude, judgmental (mind you, I was only wearing a tee and shorts, and was only carrying a Furla bag lol) and unprofessional. She was just mindless and wasn't bothered much to provide me a friendly service. 

The wallet was into its dust bags and gave it to me in the TINIEST paper bag that I'm sure that the wallet just fit in merely - being the luxe noob at the time I didn't realise she hasn't given me a box and the look she gave me was just like "yeah take it and leave lol." I went to a different store and this SA who I've been acquainted with has given me a box with the tissue paper 2 YEARS after I had gotten the wallet.

OK - rant over. Please remember, if a SA has been rude to you (no matter once or multiple times in the same store) - LEAVE. Go to a different store - it doesn't matter what you buy, I personally believe all customers should be treated equally in a professional manner.

3. Chanel Classic Flap Small Wallet in Caviar and Gold Hardware

Much to my dismay - I had been switching between both the Louis Vuitton and Dior wallets until sometime late 2019... I went ahead and got myself this beautiful Chanel Classic Flap Small Wallet. I initially was deciding between this and the Louis Vuitton Victorine wallet - but because I had already owned an Emilie, so I went for this one instead.

This wallet is stunning. Simple, but stunning. It holds a TON - it has 6 card slots with 2 slip in compartments, with one cash space and a zip coin pouch. I love this wallet for many reasons but mainly its functionality in addition to the beautiful grained caviar leather.

I don't baby my items and I used to own a Zip Cardholder in Lambskin (which I had sold) so I had decided to opt for the Grained Leather (aka Caviar) with beautiful gold hardware instead. It's been my daily wallet but I might get a coin purse...soon. ;)


1. Chanel Bi-Fold Cardholder in Caviar and Gold Hardware (Pre-loved)

So this is my first luxury item and SLG that I got pre-loved... I was surprised at how well-maintained this cardholder came in - a box, its dust bag as well as the authenticity card (as it should)! The only thing that was very worn was the gold hardware, there were scratches all around the CC logo; so I took it to Chanel and sent it in to be replaced with a new logo and paid $400 HKD for it. Unfortunately in between the whole repair and return process I had lost its dust bag - which is my fault to be honest.

I do appreciate that this cardholder is such a different one from my usual plain cardholders - it's bifold with 4 card slots inside with one where you can put in your ID or polaroid photo as well as a slot on the back of the cardholder - which is typical of classic Chanel bags.

2. Gucci GG Cardholder in Pink 

To be honest I've gotten this from the San Francisco Premium Outlets when I was in the US more than a year ago, and I haven't seen this being sold anywhere. I would say this is one of those simple, classic cardholder with 2 slots front and back but I do love their GG Monogram and this was in their dusty pink colour.

Would love getting more use out of this sadly but I have so many similar ones I felt like I've neglected this one. So I have decided selling it and I've listed it on Vestiaire Collective here.

3. Chanel Boy Cardholder

OK - this was my newest addition in terms of cardholder to my SLG collection. I love that its leather isn't the typical caviar/lambskin but it's very grained and that the hardware is silver. Honestly I feel like this is the reason that I love this cardholder more. I'm not a Boy bag girl as I felt it's too edgy for me.

This cardholder has 3 card slots, with one in front and 2 on the back with a middle compartment. I adore this cardholder because of its model and how unique it looked. It's been my go-to daily cardholder ever since I got it. ;)

4. Saint Laurent Monogram Cardholder

I do think this one is a classic - whether or not if you are starting out your collection or you're looking for a new cardholder to add into your collection, this is the one that one have. Similar to the other cardholders, it sure is a signature pattern of Saint Laurent with its pebbled leather and gold hardware.


1. Louis Vuitton 4-Key Holder (no longer available)

Right, now on the key holders. I had this Louis Vuitton 4-key holder in the Damier Azure from early 2019 and it's been my one of my daily accessories for daily use. Problem with choosing a bright/light coloured SLG is that - it is prone to getting dirty and marks.

I've used this with my key and rewards mini-cards and recently I noticed that there was a highlighter/stain mark on my keyholder that I couldn't remove. I've asked my SA about it and nothing worked. I figured that if I needed to provide a fee to have it fixed or removed, I also thought it might be time to upgrade to a new one.

2. Louis Vuitton 6-Key Holder

As mentioned above, I opted for the monogram pattern for a new key-holder (who knew I'd fall in love with the LV Monogram design?!) ever since I had a bad experience with lighter shades - I'm just generally not a light shade person lol

Anyways I fell in love with this design and the raspberry colour that matches it so well! Very excited to have this in my collection for the long run - yes please.

Watch me rant about my SLG collection below;

Hope my post doesn't bore you too much haha - I'd realised it's a very long one. Not sure if it's just me who has that many small leather goods! 😹

What's your favourite SLG?

A x


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