Saturday, 12 June 2021


Heya! It's been a long.... while since I last wrote a post. I do apologise for the lack of content on here, however I did post a couple of videos on my channel if you wanted to have a watch (here!). Anyway, as mentioned in my last video, I have actually just moved abroad - I've also done my self-quarantine at home (hint on where I am!). Here are some of the things I have done to keep myself productive during my quarantine...

Ok, so I recently moved to the UK with my husband just about 2 weeks ago (yipeee!). It's been a long overdue move that we have planned for some time and we are glad to be back in the country that we have so, so, so much love for. 

It's been quite a productive week for us the few 5-6 days in quarantine, as we also paid extra to opt-in for Test to Release so we have received our results being negative (yay) and we are free to explore the sunny and beautiful Brighton!

Anyway, was just saying how I have kept myself busy during my 5-day self-quarantine...
Kitchen of our beautiful Airbnb!

  • Doing some admin work. Since it was a busy and hectic move (cross-border wise), we had a lot on our plates when we moved, so updating some personal info and doing admin work really kept us on our toes.
  • Reading a book on Kindle. I loved reading on my Kindle (as books are super heavy) and I've recently finished reading "Strangers" by C.L. Taylor. It's a book I couldn't put down as each chapter had its own climax and every time, every. damn. time. I had to read the next chapter. I'm starting "Ghosts" by Dolly Alderton - would love more suggestions on other amazing fiction to read!
  • Cook a (or a few!) good meals. I love cooking - I really do. But after cooking for 3 days in a row, I really became *a little* tired of cooking; but in our last flat back in Hong Kong the kitchen was so small you really couldn't cook much. It was a great way to be productive and try out new recipes, I made roast beef, chilli con carne, meatball pasta bolognese, etc. Throw more recipes at me! 
My chilli con carne and roasted potatoes with paprika seasoning. 

  • Get some good zzz's. Ha, this is something super essential, especially when you've travelled 13 hours on a plane, jet-lag is bound to be bestowed upon you. Though we woke up at about 6:30-7:00am each day, we get really tired by 4:00 in the afternoon - jet lag was real. BUT we did combat exhaustion and only went to bed around 10:30-11:00pm. A good amount of resting is crucial.
  • Have a good call with family and friends. We couldn't wait to share our beautiful Airbnb with family and they were super happy that we got here safe and sound! Always happy to chat with family and friends - we miss them terribly, no doubt, but we are also very excited for our new chapter!

Now that we are out of quarantine, I will definitely update you all on other more relevant content, such as unboxing hauls, summer essentials, etc (all coming up soon!).

Meanwhile, here's a beautiful summer coast of the Brighton pier for you all!

What do you do to stay productive?


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