Hello, my name is Angeline.

I'm a 26 year-old living in Brighton, U.K. Born and raised from a sunny island in Malaysia, I've lived abroad in the UK and Hong Kong for years, and recently settled down in South England with my (silly but handsome) husband, Kevin.

I initially started out as a personal blog when I was 16, which had also turned into a beauty and skincare dedicated blog - but I have since took a long break after I graduated from university and I recently started blogging again. 

This blog is dedicated to my passion towards my love for all things luxe, such as luxury handbags and the occasional small luxury goods as well as accessories. I also occasionally post about makeup, skincare and lifestyle too!

I hope you enjoy reading about my personal journey!

Any questions or just saying "hi" - angie@theluxepetite.com 👋🏻

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